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Please call us if you have any questions about  artwork specs and guidelines for submissions.  Thank you.  Any questions associated with artwork or electronic artwork call  Labels USA ask for Joe or email

We have graphic artists available for your added convenience.

Free Artwork Services: Accepting your artwork on disk, email, CD ROM or DVD:  minor touchup to your  artwork.   

  • Macintosh Software:                                                                                                 
    QuarkXPRESS  6.5 
    Adobe InDesign CS3 or less
    Adobe Illustrator  CS3 or less
    Adobe PhotoShop CS3 or less
    Corel Draw 8.0 or less

  • PC Software: 
    COREL DRAW  7.0

    PC typefaces/fonts are not available on the Mac system.  When using files created in Freehand, 
    Illustrator and Corel, please convert all type to outlines, curves or paths.

Art work should be saved in the original format of any of the above software.  Include the fonts used.  If using other PC software, it should be exported in a Adobe Illustrator 4.0 to 10.0 file extensions .ai with converted text to curves, outline or paths.  If artwork includes bitmaps files or scanned images, save  them separately and  send  a laser printout  to show correct positioning and placement.  Please do not send original art files, only copies.

Save on these sources for digital file transfers:

  • Mac or PC:                                                                          

           CD   or  DVD                          

  • E-mail & Attachments to:  email                       

Compress all files before emailing if possible.  Call or fax and let us know to expect your artwork files.

    *   Click one    Standard Color Chart     Pantone Color Chart   

  • Color Specifications

Use the Pantone Matching System numbers (PMS#) for spot colors.

  • Color Separations

Before you send disk or email files, make sure that all separations match with what is intended.

  • Screens/Tints/Gradients

Screens may range from 95 percent to a minimum of  5 percent.  Any values below 3 percent may not print satisfactorily.

  • Original art scans

Scan resolution should be 150 or higher for best results.  Exclude all placed graphics and photos, and send separately on your disk or your email.

  • Trappings

Black or darker colors should be set to overprint.  All traps should be set a minimum of .5pt.  Lighter colors should spread into darker colors.

  • Type Specs

Minimum 4.5pt  on standard and 7pt on reverses.  San serif fonts   recommend on these small fonts.

  • Lines/Rules

.5pt minimum setting. .75 pt recommend when printing reverses . Maintain 1/16 inch margin from die line for all art, unless it is an intentional bleed.

  • Bar Codes/ UPC's

Should not be reduced below 80% for best scanability.  Below 80% not guaranteed.

    * Our Standard Color chart click here.

ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE GIVE US A CALL!!!  1-800-LABELS-2 or  1-800-522-3572


Online Samples:
our samples we have posted to our samples page.

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   5x3 die cut on rolls. 

Like above

 7x3.875 die cut on rolls.

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Free Quotes:
To receive a price quote    simply fax us at 1-407-830-9570, call us TOLL FREE at 1-800-522-3572, or use our
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